Anime, Bat's Day and some Moons
US to US, paypal only please.  Shipping is included with an Anime purchase.  Shipping will be $3.00 for a Bat's Day or Moon purchase.
All bottles are BNNU

Anime Event Exclusives
    Dolly Kei                    $60
    Hime Gyaru                $55
    Mori Girl                     $45
    Boystyle Aristocrat      $40

Bat's Day 2012
    Vespertilo Proterus               $35
    Epomophorus Monstrous      $30

Lunacy's 2012
    Pink Moon            $25
    Smokey Moon       $25

I have feedback on the forum- ttlarue
Thank you for looking!!  I will be in and out all weekend, so I will checking my emails when I can

Writer's Block: My name's Forrest, Forrest Gump
What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie or character, and why?

Big,  I love to act like a kid most times, and this movie reminds of why I can!!


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